New Opportunities

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Sirius Trouble or Sirius ROI?

Sirius XM Satellite has had its share of success in the past years, but today's investors are having a tough time making ends meet. As king of the sat airwaves, Sirius is currently trading at less than $.44 per share and was as low as $.05 earlier this year. Should investors be worried about the share price or should they look at this as a great buying opportunity?

The WSJ, Motley Fool, Barrons, analysts, and other self proclaimed experts continue to see-saw back-and-forth on the fate of Sirius. One day it is said to be a great buy, while the next day someone has deemed it terminal. There is no doubt that the company has had trouble due to its debt and the impact of the economy on car sales. Liberty Media's $530 billion investment in early March showed confidence in Sirius's product and its future growth opportunities.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Invest Now, Later, or Never?

Up, down, up, down....which way is the market going? Should I invest in the market now or save my cash? Is the stock market a true "free market" vehicle for investing or is it manipulated by market makers (MM), hedge funds, and investment banks? Today's economic environment has individual investors scurrying about; trying to salvage what is left of a lifetime of savings.

Mainstream media such as CNBC, CNN, Fox News, etc. continue to fuel the fire through their so called "journalistic integrity". Pumping the airwaves with misinformation and wavering conviction leaves investors confused and helpless.

Investing based on a company's fundamentals is all but dead. Technical analysis (TA) seems to be an investor's best chance in today's rollercoaster market. TA uses historical data, trading volume, pull-backs, and Fibonacci patterns to identify buying and selling opportunities. Software such as "Timing the Trade", Best Choice, and AI enable stock and foreign exchange investors a fighting chance at increasing the value of their portfolio.

If interested in learning how to increase your ROI, take some time to research TA. Tom O’Brien, a nationally syndicated talk show host, heads the Tiger Financial News Network ( in Clearwater, Florida and can be heard locally on WHNZ 1250 AM from 5-6 PM M-F. Tom’s view on the market is neutral and based solely on TA. He takes the emotion out of the trade and bases his opinions on the volume traded and historical data.

As for whether you should invest now, later, or never, it all depends on your tolerance for risk. Can you stomach the rollercoaster movement of the market? If so, enter at your own risk and be prepared for many highs and lows.